Ronnie Screwvala – Mentoring of Opportunities and Scale

“It’s a wonderful life” as Frank Capras would say.

Get the right mentor in and it’s truly a wonderful life, as strife would say.

Mentoring has turned into a cliché, but fascinating truths emerged from a deep dive into the wisdom of crowds. I found that several peers had experienced “unplanned mentors – the provocateurs, the stimuli that sparked off greater performance than one believed possible”

I could either walk down the path of mentoring or applaud the most unconventional mentoring style: unintentional mentoring. It’s unplanned but delivers to a larger plan. I felt compelled to share a slice of my life through a slight peek into other lives and how they grew.
Here is my Rainmaker on Ronnie Screwvala that featured in
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed wording it.


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