Digital Tricks & Tactics

The shiny new toy needs an industry ombudsman to detect AdFraud & more.

As media trading has become increasingly complex over the past 15 years, driven by the advent and then the explosion of digital marketing, the need for someone – anyone – to say the same things again and again and keep the spotlight shining on transparency has only grown stronger. Each new link in the chain has added complexity to the trading model; each innovation has reinforced the need for further pressure to deliver transparency and accountability.

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Vision or Passion? Gut or glory?

Vision or Passion, Gut or Glory

With the number of people moving out of their comfort zones into their own free spaces, I’ve had to answer this question to many new kids on the block. What should drive decisions?

Vision or Passion? Is there a bigger strength in Gut or Glory?

Having lived my entire life on passion and passion alone, it is now that vision is raising its hood at me and saying – ‘C’mon baby! Get that niggling thought out and water it! Let it grow into something larger than you, than the organization you represent and the causes you stand for‘.

Robin Sharma, best known for his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, puts it aptly: “Never lose that sparkle in your eye, the fire in your belly and the steel in your character“.

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Tutors, mentors, tormentors.

Mentors or Tormentors

What would I do without you!

My 1st blog is a tribute to paying back to all those wonderful people who stepped into my life and made a difference:

  • Ronnie Screwvala for his sense of scale and opportunity sizing
  • Rajiv Agarwal for his precision & excellence in client relationships
  • Sumit Roy for ensuring every big idea was “thought-through”
  • Shashank Joshi for his fanatic obsession with numbers and organisation of deliverables.
  • And ofcourse at the top of the heap – Meenakshi Menon for her leadership skills & business orientation.
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